Working Group 7 Utilities

The group has gathered plenty of information and has prepared a draft report on its findings, that will be shared locally to check it is an accurate summary of issues and opportunities.( September 2013)

 Trends in the supply and use of utilities?

 Electricity & gas provision?

 Use of renewable energy – solar panels for electricity?

 Use of renewable energy – solar panels for hot water?

 Use of renewable energy – wind power?

 Use of renewable energy – biomass and biofuels?

 Use of renewable energy – ground source, air source and geo-thermal energy?

 Combined Heat and Power facility?

 Potential for the locality to be self-sufficient in energy provision?

 Refuse, recycling and power/heat from recycling & incinerators?

Waste and water – potential for self-sufficiency?


 Telecommunication, satellite, broadband, super-fast broadband, mobile masts

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