Working Group 6 Rural & Urban Design, Heritage

This is one of the larger groups; active in many of the areas listed below. In common with other groups their reports are being finalised. (Sept 2014)

Are we satisfied with the appearance of our town and new development. What are the problems?

What heritage do we have protected and what would we like to protect?

What design guidance is there?

What are the amenity groups such as English Heritage, Surrey Nature, etc doing?.

Ecology, flora and fauna in the area?

Areas requiring special protection – Archaeology, Special Scientific Interest, Nature, Local History?

Effectiveness of the Harestone Valley policy and can other areas have similar policies?

Guidelines for development in rural areas?

Guidelines for development in town centres?

 Guidelines for development in urban areas outside the town centres?

Development in flood areas?

Green Belt

Environment Agency issues?

Impact of climate change

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